A Beginner’s Guide to Data Visualization

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Google data studio is a free visualization tool used to build reports. Visualization is one of the most powerful analytical tools in the field of data science. Building reports can be tricky to dive into, but everyone has to start somewhere. Being familiar with your data and drafting a plan for what graphics you want out of Google Data Studio can make you master this tool in an efficient manner.

In this blog, I will be walking through the basics of Google Data Studio. Use the links below to follow along!

Google Data Studio Report for United States Homicides: https://datastudio.google.com/reporting/23874e8e-5087-4265-b5ec-9df45c592582

Introduction to Data Analytics with Python

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We have all heard the saying “Money cannot buy you happiness,” but what factors lead a person to a life of happiness? Like many questions in this world, the answers can be found by analyzing data.

But where can you begin?

  1. Finding a dataset — For this project, I found a dataset on Kaggle titled Happiness and Alcohol Consumption. It gives units and descriptions for the columns. Kaggle has public datasets and resources to help get you started.
  2. Install and import your libraries — Here is the Pandas and MatPlotLib documentation to set up your notebook.
import pandas as pd

src: https://www.digitalstockport.info/using-lean-start-up-techniques-to-build-a-minimum-viable-product-mvp/

When beginning a software development project, a lot is thrown at you at once. Defining goals and figuring out how you are going to achieve them can be one of the hardest tasks in a project. Because this is a common experience, many software developers have created project management methods that can help your project get done in an organized matter.

Project Tradeoffs

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Version control is an important aspect of technology development workflow. Grasping the in’s and out’s of Github has a learning curve, but once you understand its purpose, communicate with teammates, and utilize key command line scripts, project development can be a smooth ride. Referring back to the basics can help you be successful with Github.

Let’s imagine there is a team of four developing a mobile application. How can the team work on the project without overwriting each other’s work? Version Control. Github allows teammates to work on the same code at the same time. A developer can be writing…

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